dress - January 04, 2019

How to Select the Perfect Jewellery for Your Wedding Dress?

South Indian Wedding Jewellery Ready  As you’ve chosen to read this piece of writing, I can hear the wedding bells for you! So,...

dress - April 20, 2018

7 Style Tricks to Help You Look and Feel More Put Together Every Day

  Don’t you find it fascinating how some people seem to always look like they have it together? They look good all the time and are just...

best cocktail dress - June 04, 2017

Cocktail Dresses Style Guide For Men and Women

Since their inception in the early 20 th century, cocktail parties have become fashionable. If you are invited to one and the invite spec...

beauty - June 01, 2017

How to Prepare for a Fashion Shoot

  The work of a good blogger is never over. From writing and managing your own posts, to being your own fashion stylist and creative dir...

Business - May 05, 2017

4 Look from the Office to the summer of 2017

How to dress in the office during the hot summer season? Here are some style tips that you should follow if you want to be glamorous an...

Bridesmaid Dresses - April 09, 2017

Good Bye Clone like Dresses: Rock Free Style Bridesmaid Dresses

You must be that bride whose wedding is just a few days away and you have given your bridesmaids the freedom from clone-like dresses.  Or ...



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