The Power of Having a Great Smile

October 03, 2018


“Nothing you wear is more important than your smile.” – Connie Stevens

Indeed, a smile is a wonderful human feature and ability. It can both hide and reveal so much about people. Along with that, a smile has the power to engage others. Most of the time, it serves as an icebreaker in awkward situations because it makes you approachable.

Sadly, however, there are people who find it difficult to break into a smile even if they are in a situation that elicits one. They may think they look funny – in a weird way – when they do. Or perhaps, they do not want to show that they have “less than perfect” teeth.

Stained chompers, a missing tooth due to a dental accident, crooked teeth, and bad breath caused by plaque and cavities are the common imperfections that people hide when they refuse to smile.

Folks who do not smile because of these reasons are deprived of the following benefits:

  • A stronger immune system - Studies reveal that smiling can do wonders for a person’s physical health. A genuine smile has the ability to relax the body. Relaxation keeps adrenaline and cortisol at bay; these are stress hormones that arrest the immune system.
  • A better mood - According to psychologists, a bad mood is automatically reversed when a person smiles. Likewise, people instinctively feel better when they see people smiling. A study in Sweden even reveals that people fail to frown when somebody smiles at them.
  • A smile is an advantage in the professional world - There are industries wherein a pretty and genuine smile is a requirement. The hospitality industry, for example, requires workers to always have a nice smile ready. Flight attendants and hotel and restaurant workers all need to interact with clients with a smile. Through their smile, they are able to deliver the quality of service the industry stands for.
There are still plenty of other benefits to smiling. The bottom line here is that if you are hindered from smiling by “toothy” concerns, you miss out on so many lovely benefits.

Here’s the thing – all the reasons that prevent you from smiling have a solution. There are dental health treatments, both general and cosmetic, that can easily turn the situation around for you.

Listed below are five of them:

1. Regular oral prophylaxis
Dental cleaning can get rid of plaque build-up and monitor the condition of your teeth. This can make sure that the common reasons behind halitosis are addressed in an appropriate and timely manner.

Also, regular dental cleaning can help your dentist pinpoint your unhealthy oral habits, such as consuming staining foods too much, or teeth grinding or clenching. Dentists have such trained eyes that they automatically know how you have been treating your teeth and mouth the moment you say “ah.”

2. Dental filling or bonding
Teeth that have developed ugly cavities can regain their original appearance with tooth-colored dental fillings. Not only that, dental fillings do an even better job of preventing cavities from further developing and damaging your teeth.

This is also the quickest solution for a chipped or broken tooth. The filling, which is often a tooth-colored composite resin, restores the original shape of the tooth or fills in the small gap of the breakage.

3. Bridge
This is a dental solution recommended for fixing a missing tooth. It cements a false tooth in place by cutting down the teeth on both sides of the missing tooth. The cut original teeth serve as anchors for the bridge.

4. Braces
These fix crooked or misaligned teeth. The correction takes a significantly long time – at least two years for some, but once the braces are removed, you will have perfectly straight teeth for a confident smile.

5. Teeth whitening
This is a cosmetic procedure that a lot of coffee, tea, and wine drinkers opt to get rid of stains and achieve pearly white teeth. These days, teeth whitening treatments are a huge craze in Australia. People do not have to worry about extrinsic stains on their teeth because a single whitening session can create pearly whites.

A smile, as small a detail as it may seem to be, has the power to improve a person’s quality of life. If you do not have a healthy and pretty one, there are various dental treatments you can look into getting. Talk to your dentist about getting them so you can finally obtain the smile that can serve your advantage.

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