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Guide to Titan Eyeplus Free Home Eye Test

April 13, 2018

Everyone thinks the life of a fashion blogger is always the most glamorous, they can be free as they want to be, attend parties, flaunt new makeup and clothes, endless gifts they get from brands, they spend time in cool places, they don’t go to work, but they go out, eat out and have fun all day long  and numerous celebrities they get to meet. Their Instagram and Facebook feed are full of it. It looks like they only do what they love, they spend time in cool places, they don’t go to work, but they go out, eat out and have fun all day long.

I too agree to some extent, but it requires a lot of time to sit on your lappy then write a blog, edit a picture or videos, post as many posts on social media on the based on time, by doing all this all day, sometimes it feels something uncomfortable happens with my eyes and to keep them healthy I decide to go for an eye test.

So, When I was searching for the best eye test online I come across Titan Eye plus. They are India’s leading eye chain brand.

Titan Eye+ has a wide range of sunglasses and frames of various shapes both online and in-store with latest fashion and different brands like Rayban, Tommy Hilfiger, and Fastrack.

As we know frames are the second priority, but the first priority is getting eye tested and we all are too lame to go to the ophthalmologists. As I have many other tasks to complete. But the Titan Eyeplus also offer a Titan Eyeplus Free Home Eye Test.

Few steps for Titan Eyeplus Free Home Eye Test:

1. Enter your details:
You can request a visit at home by filling the form. They will take some details and then arrange a convenient time to visit.

2. Optician Conduct an eye test at home
Their Optician will visit your home at the pre-arranged time which you have chosen, also they will call you before an hour to check that it’s still convenient. During this they will check you eyecare history if any and then they will conduct an eye test, using the specially design equipment that can be used at home comfort.

3. Choose your glasses
If your eye test shows you need glasses then you will have thousands of frames to choose from in different price ranges. We will alos help you to find the best suitable one for you.

4. Delivered at home
We will delivery your glasses at your home within 1 week of your visit. 

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