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Men's Suit Wearing Cheat Sheet for all Occasions

September 12, 2017

The true make of a gentleman is being well dressed. If you are looking forward to a ceremony where you need to go in a suit and not sure how to go about it. There are certain common mistakes that most men make while getting dressed. This article is a complete guide for looking your best wearing a suit and grab all the attention.

# Jacket

A jacket is the first thing that is noticed by a person so needs to be great. It is all about balancing the various elements to get that perfect look.

  • Lapels of the jacket come in various settings like notched, peaked and shawl. Lapels with modern fashion trends are thinner as compared to old ones.

  • Darts on the jackets are seams and impart the shape to the jacket, giving it a fitted look.

  • The ideal length of the sleeves of the jacket should be ½ inch above your shirt cuff. You need to be sure that it is neither too long which will make it look clumsy or too short which will make it look unprofessional.

  • Shoulders that are well fitted are a must for a perfect look. The seam of the jacket needs to have a natural fit on your shoulder. They should not look very bulging and shoulder pads need to stop by the end of your shoulder.

  • Armhole of your jacket needs to have a perfect high cut. If the armhole is too big, the jacket will get lifted if you will raise your arms.

  • Closed buttons should not look like they are strained and that the jacket is tight. Most jackets come with two buttons and some with three. For a two buttoned jacket, you need to keep lower button opened in order to keep some room to move. For a three button jacket, the top and bottom buttons need to remain open.

  • Pocket square is not supposed to match either the tie or its pattern. But should bear some similarity with the accessories at the same time. It adds flare to your suit making it to stand out.

  • Length of jacket is also crucial. When arms down, the hem of your jacket should reach your mid palm. This is the perfect length for a jacket.

# Bottoms

Formal trousers complete the look of a suit. The following are certain things you need to concentrate on while selecting your trouser.

  • Some trousers have pleats while some are flat front. It is a matter of personal choice. For wearing pleated trousers, you need to wear them on your waist and not your hips, else it will spoil your look.

  • Seat of your trouser needs to well fitted without any wrinkles or u-shaped bunching below the rear end. This keeps your trouser from wedging up.

  • Break in a trouser is very important. It is the area where the pant forms wrinkles at the bottom near the shoes. The perfect setting is one break. Too much break the whole look gets destroyed, so you need to be careful with the length of the trouser.

# Accessories

Accessories are a must for enhancing your overall appearance. They need to be chosen very carefully depending upon the occasion and your preferences.

  • Ties is the most crucial accessory. But it is important to remember that it goes well with your suit. If go for a plain shirt, you need to choose a heavy tie and vice versa. It will balance the look. The length of your tie is also important and should just touch your belt’s buckle.

  • Tie bars are a stylish as well as a useful accessory. They are used to hold the tie in place. Length of a tie bar should be ¾ of the width of tie.

  • Lapel pins are small pins that are put on the lapels. They should match your tie, pocket square, watch and cufflinks. Small but not too flashy, they increase the total style quotient. It is pinned tightly on the lapel so that it does not move.

  • Cufflinks are designed for french cuffed shirts. Variety of cufflinks are available. Stone studded, silk and even titanium cufflinks can be worn. Metal ones are suitable for a more formal setting. Ones with fabric are worn during less formal events.

  • Pocket square is a great accessory to give a color pop to your outfit. The color of the pocket square needs to somewhat similar to your tie, but not the same pattern. You can match your pocket square with other accessories like watches, cufflinks etc.

To learn more about Men’s suit cheat sheet, have look at the following infographic shared by Apparel99.

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